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Dental Bridges in Woodbridge, ON

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a standard tooth replacement option; that can replace one or more missing teeth. A dental bridge may be supported by natural teeth, dental implants, or a combination of both. A traditional dental bridge is made of porcelain that is fused to metal (PFM) or ceramic material.

A traditional dental bridge is made up of two dental crowns and a false or replacement tooth, that is situated between the two dental crowns, which are located on opposite ends. These dental crowns may also be referred to as dental caps. The two dental crowns are fused to the replacement tooth, to create a single piece. The image above depicts a traditional three-unit dental bridge that is supported by dental implants.

For a dental bridge to be fitted and secured, your dentist will have to modify the shape of the natural teeth that are located on opposite ends of the gap or space. By removing some tooth structure around those teeth, space is created for the dental bridge to fit over, and cover the teeth. Dental implants may also be used in place of existing teeth to secure the dental bridge. In some cases, a combination of dental implants and existing teeth may be used to secure the bridge.


The process of getting a dental bridge will require two visits for most cases. During the first visit, your dentist will prepare the teeth by modifying the tooth structure and taking a dental impression of the prepared teeth. The impression is then sent to a dental laboratory, where your dental bridge is custom-made to fit your mouth precisely. The dental bridge is placed at a later appointment, once it has been fabricated.

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